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While most panel members at this year's Comic Con used the event to promote films already in production or finished, Guillermo del Toro used it to announce that he is about to be named the busiest man alive. In addition to writing and producing The Haunted Mansion, which he announced during the Disney panel, the director told audiences during the Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark panel that he is working on a luchador vs. vampires film, a movie for premium cable, an animation based in Mexican folklore, and a strange take on the Pinochio tale. But before all that will begin, he's going to scale the At The Mountains of Madness.

Deadline is reporting that del Toro has officially chosen the film as his next project and that none other than James Cameron will be hopping on board to produce. Set to be shot in 3D for Universal, the film is based on the story by HP Lovecraft in which an expedition in Antarctica reveals the true origin of humanity: aliens known as the Elder Things found buried under the snow and ice. When they are awakened, however, all hell breaks loose.

It's no secret that we here at Cinema Blend have a staunch opinion regarding 3D (post-conversion is horrible, it should only be used in animated on heavily CGI films, it's a fad and a quick money grab that will hopefully go away soon, etc.), but if there is anyone that can do it right it's the team of Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron. The first is simply on of the greatest visionary directors working today and the other is responsible for pioneering the technology and doing it right. Add the fact that this will be the first major adaptation of Lovecraft's work in years and you have a project that audiences can be safely optimistic about.

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