In the biggest news in the history of movies, YOU, yes YOU, could be in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Hobbit. I know what you are thinking, “how could I be in this major motion picture about a Hobbit that goes on a big adventure and ends up getting an evil ring that screws up Elijah Wood’s life pretty seriously.” Well, there is no answer currently, but YOU, yes YOU, will maybe get to be in the background of one scene from this movie, possibly. We think.

This iron clad guarantee comes from the mouth of Guillermo Del Toro himself. He answered a question from a reader of the MTV Movies Blog from a fan asking who he needed to sleep with to get a role as an extra in the movie. Del Toro responded with this specific information. “We will set some rules and some contests and some fans will definitely get the chance of being extras. Go and apply for those roles!” So as soon as some contests and some rules are set, then some fans will get some chance. But apply now!

Actually, this is kinda cool. I mean, there is no way you or anyone you know is going to win this .5 second shot in the back of some crowd while you wear a wig and a beard and are totally unrecognizable, but what if you did! Oh, and Del Toro doesn’t just give someone the extra opportunity of a lifetime, he dispenses good life advice. “Sleep with a lot of people if you can! That’s a very good piece of advice.” Thanks, Guillermo.

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