Gwyneth Paltrow’s affinity for singing in front of an audience hasn’t really translated into success on the big screen yet and, even though she’s trying movie singing again this week in Country Strong, I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. But apparently Adam Shankman, at least, has noticed she has a decent set of pipes because he’s offered her a part in Rock of Ages.

The movie’s an adaptation of the same-named Broadway musical set to 80s hair metal songs as it tells the story of a young couple following their dreams in Los Angeles. If you’re a Broadway nerd, they call these jukebox musicals. I assume they’re really popular with tourists or something. Mamma Mia was the most recent of this genre to end up on the big screen and that made a ton of money. They were bound to snatch up another one.

This one has pretty high expectations actually. They’ve already offered roles to the likes Tom Cruise (can he sing?), Mary J. Blige, and maybe even Alec Baldwin (I’m pretty sure he can’t sing). As for Paltrow she tells EW that she just got the script, and hasn’t decided whether she wants in or not yet. No word yet on who she’d play, but a leading role as half of the “young couple” seems a bit out of her age range.

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