Right on the heels of a new trailer timed perfectly to hit the web on 4/20, there's more news about the Sundance hit HIGH School. Parallel Media has announced their plans to release the film on approximately 1,500 screens this fall, with 40 of the top college markets as well. Though the movie is set in a high school, the emphasis in the title and the date of the trailer debut will probably hint as to why they're targeting colleges.

Because you may not have learned that by watching today's very strange, very funny trailer, a little bit about HIGH School. The film stars Sean Marquette and Matt Bush as two childhood friends forced to reunite when the nerdier of the two gets high the day before his school implements mandatory drug testing. The only solution? Get the entire school high so that everyone fails the drug test. The movie is packed with small, hilarious performances by actors you recognize, including Michael Chiklis doing his best impression of Jeffrey Jones in Ferris Bueller's Day Off as the obnoxious principal, and Adrien Brody as the most paranoid, intense and terrifying drug dealer you've ever seen.

Presumably we'll be getting a lot more about HIGH School to lead up to its September release. Now every time you toke up between now and then, you can just claim you're preparing for the movie.

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