Though the film based on the last few years of Joaquin Phoenix’s life is called I’m Still Here, many of us wish that he wasn’t. Actors that go crazy rarely remain on our “People we give a shit about” list and are often mercifully forgotten, which is exactly what happened Phoenix’s antics last year after he quit acting to pursue his rap (what?) career.

The entire ordeal was recorded by friend Casey Affleck-- Katey was witness to some of it-- and the subsequent documentary was recently picked up by Magnolia for a September release. What will be interesting is if we find out this whole thing is one big joke on America’s obsession with troubled celebrities, as exemplified by the ridiculous amount of coverage of Lindsay Lohan getting shoved into prison. What won’t be interesting is if it’s just an hour and a half version of the Gladiator star’s drug-addled Letterman appearance.

Magnolia has released a new poster for the film and while it’s artistic in my favorite way (nice photography with some subtle type), I’ll remain skeptical of this until I know the film’s focus. Scope out the very hairy poster below.

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