Without a word of warning, apparently Warner Bros. has decided that that January 19, 2011 is “National Superhero Day.” Earlier this morning came the gigantic, huge announcement that Tom Hardy will Play Bane and Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (see my feature on the subject here) and now we have a little taste of Green Lantern for you.

French website Cinema Teaser has posted a new photo from the upcoming Martin Campbell-directed intergalactic superhero flick that’s due out in June. In the still we see Hector Hammond and Hal Jordan (played by Peter Sarsgaard and Ryan Reynolds) hanging out what appears to be some kind of party. In the background, over Hector’s shoulder, you can also see Senator Hammond, Hector’s father, who is played by Tim Robbins. Considering the size of Hector’s head, we can probably assume that this picture is from fairly early in the movie, before either one of them discovers that there are actually aliens out there.

Check out the image below and head over to Cinema Teaser to see it full size.

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