With Thor already in theaters and X-Men: First Class coming next week, the next big superhero movie to turn our eyes to is Green Lantern, which with its space setting and huge mythology about the Green Lantern Corps might prove the toughest to sell to audiences. A recent trailer did a great job explaining the history of the Corps, the power of the ring and so forth, but you know what's an even better way to reach out to audiences? Talk show appearances! Yes, the publicity circuit for Green Lantern has begun, starting with Michael Clarke Duncan-- who voices the CGI character Kilowog-- appearing on Attack of the Show last night. One fan uploaded the appearance to YouTube, including the new clip of Kilowog that played before Duncan took the stage.

Check out the clip below, in which the powerful alien Kilowog proves to Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan how puny humans really are compared to the powers of space. Green Lantern opens on June 17, and surely this is just the first of many, many clips shown on talk shows that we'll see over the coming weeks.

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