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Granted, she’s been rather free about being naked in the past, but when I think bimbo softcore porn sex symbol Halley Berry’s name isn’t the first one that’s about to pop into my mind. Yet this website claims that Berry has landed the lead role in the impending Barbarella remake.

For now, consider the story a rumor at best. The site offers no source for their information and mentions it only in conjunction with hot women in Hollywood. Not exactly reliable. I find it really hard to believe that Halle Berry would have anything to do with a movie like this. Since she won that Oscar she’s gotten pretty high brow. Gone is the babe who had a bit part in the Flintstones movie and in her place is the Hollywood actress most likely to try and push through a remake of Roots.

I have a hard time believing she’d touch Barbarella. It’s a part better suited for someone younger and hungier than Halle. Megan Fox for instance, would be perfect now that Optimus Prime is done with her.