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Halloween II may have come in third this weekend at the box office, but that isn’t stopping The Weinstein Company from planning yet another remake-sequel. The LA Times reports that they’ve announced a third movie to be titled Halloween 3D because, of course, it will be in 3D.

The ironic thing here is that it was a 3D movie which trounced Halloween II so badly this weekend. Announcing this right on the heels of the Rob Zombie movie’s trouncing at the hands of the gimmicky The Final Destination smacks of reactionary thinking. The Final Destination in 3D did better than Halloween II so obviously the problem was that the movie should have been in 3D right? No possibility that people could simply be sick of Halloween movies?

Rob Zombie, who directed the first two in this latest series of Halloween reboots won’t be back for the 3D version. TWC is hiring a new director for yet another new take on the played out franchise. That’s fine by me. Zombie showed more promise as a horror director creating original material, that talent has mostly be squandered by retreading tired Michael Myers material. Now it’s back to being original for Rob.

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