Casting on Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game has hit warp speed, as a pair of high-profile actors rumored to be circling the cast have now been confirmed.

In the sci-fi genre, few loom larger than Harrison Ford, who Variety says officially has signed on to play Colonel Hyram Graff in the adaptation of author Orson Scott Card's beloved novel. Graff’s tasked with training an army of young strategists in a battle against an insect-like alien race. Hugo star Asa Butterfield will play Ender Wiggin, a video game expert who becomes Graff’s top recruit in the efforts to prepare for a devastating invasion.

In addition to Ford – as if he wasn’t enough – Variety confirms that fellow (but significantly younger) Oscar nominees Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld have been added to Summit Entertainment’s production, which is eyeballing a March 15, 2013 release date. Breslin would play Ender’s older sister, Valentine, while “True Grit” star Steinfeld has been cast as Petra Arkanian, Ender’s closest ally.

Hood already has cast Aramis Knight, Moises Arias, Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak, Suraj Parthasarathy, Conor Carroll and Khylin Rhambo in his production, which joins the ranks of The Hunger Games, John Carter and Total Recall as anticipated genre literature making its way to the big screen in the coming years. The director’s best known for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though he also helmed Rendition and the underrated Tsotsi in 2005.

Production on Ender’s Game begins early next year in New Orleans. Do you think Ford’s the right choice to play Graff alongside Butterfield? Or, after Cowboys & Aliens, are you wondering if Ford should give the sci-fi genre a rest for the time being? Graff sounds like the kind of gruff, superior character Ford’s capable of playing in his sleep. Let’s just hope he doesn’t sleepwalk through it. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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