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UPDATE! Hutcherson didn't make the cut. Find out who has been cast as the new Peter Parker here.

Having spoken to the actor in question just this morning I feel a little silly reporting this news, but here goes: Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Josh Hutcherson has officially been offered the role of Peter Parker in Sony's reboot of Spider-Man, and he's accepted it.

Hutcherson, you may remember, was in the running for the role alongside a slew of other actors, from relative unknowns like Alden Ehrenreich and Andrew Garfield to rising stars like Aaron Johnson and Jamie Bell. Hutcherson was considered a strong contender for the role, and I was definitely on his side, but I predicted this morning that his commitment to a Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel might get in the way of Spider-Man shooting plans.

Consider this news a rumor for now, as there's nothing resembling official confirmation out there, but if this is true Marc Webb has almost definitely picked the right guy for the job. Hutcherson has serious talent and depth of experience within the industry, and should be perfect to capture Peter Parker at a younger, more vulnerable but equally super-powered young age.

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