With Benjamin Walker, Anthony Mackie and Dominic Cooper all already on board for Timur Bekmambetov's revisionist history fantasy Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it's finally time for a girl to get in on the fun. Only question is, which girl will it be? Latino Review is reporting that up-and-coming Australian actress Robin McLeavy has snagged the role of Mary Todd, who is the love interest in the film and, of course, eventually becomes Lincoln's wife. On the other hand, Next Movie has contacted McLeavy's rep, who says the actress has not been offered the part but is "in the mix."

Latino Review says Bekmambetov is aiming to cast up and comers in the movie, and McLeavy definitely fits that description. No one in the movie is exactly an A-list star-- Walker's most famous for starring in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson on Broadway, while Cooper and Mackie are recognizable rising stars-- but McLeavy would be by far the least experienced, with just a handful of credits to her name, and very few of them seen outside of her native Australia. Playing Mary Todd in Vampire Hunter would obviously be a huge break for her, putting her alongside actors who are only rising in fame and working alongside Bekmambetov, who after Wanted and the Day/Night Watch films is only getting more powerful as a director.

Above you can compare McLeavy's photo to the real Mary Todd; in case you couldn't tell by the photo, they're not exactly going for historical accuracy here, and even if McLeavy doesn't wind up getting the part they probably aren't casting for a look-alike. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens June 22, 2012 and presumably there will be confirmed news about who will play Mary Todd very shortly.

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