The early buzz may have Hoodwinked Too underperforming at this weekend’s box office, but that hasn’t stopped the marketing machine from trying to entice last minute viewers. This morning The Weinstein Company released a music video of star Hayden Panettiere singing “I Can Do It Alone”. In the clip, the actress and wannabe singer performs a seated rendition of the musical number in between numerous action sequences from the sequel.

This footage, in a tortoise shell, is a microcosm of why Hoodwinked Too will never be Shrek. More than anything else, it’s bland and passable. The song is below average, the stock footage is below average and even the singer herself seems somewhat into it at most. I don’t recall ever seeing a performer sit during a video for an uptempo song. An acoustic number or a ballad, sure, but how can you shuffle back and forth between grandmothers doing kick flicks and a woman sitting on a stool? Have a look at the mediocre clip below…

This video doesn’t even have the decency to be bad. At least if it were godawful, that would be a story worth telling. Instead, it just exists, neither pleasing nor offending. It’s like the musical version of unfrosted strawberry Pop Tarts.

Hoodwinked Too opened yesterday, and will be playing in a theater near you for the next few weeks. If you’re wondering whether to buy a 3D ticket, check out Katey’s analysis. If you couldn’t care less, you’re probably in the majority.

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