With Transformers music leaking out all over the internet, I guess Warner Brothers was feeling a little ignored. So, they’ve stuck the brand new score to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix online. Listen to it right here.

Is it good? Heck yes. I’m a big, blockbuster movie score junkie. I used to fall asleep with the Jurassic Park score on an endless loop next to my bed. When I was a teenager living in rural Texas my friends and I used to drive across the dam at night with the Batman score blaring at full volume and our lights turned off so we could pretend we were in the Batmobile. I guess that’s the teenage dork’s way of rebelling, and it was probably stupid and dangerous (see The Lookout), but goddamn it was cool. I probably won’t play Batman with this score, but if I can find a broom…

Anyway, all of the Harry Potter scores so far have been awesome, and they all carry along the same basic John Williams theme. This one, by Nicholas Hooper continues using parts of Williams theme, but to me at least, sounds like the biggest departure from he standard Harry Potter score so far. Appropriate, since everything we’ve heard about the film seems to indicate that Order of the Phoenix is the most unique movie of the series. Give it a listen yourself and let me know what you think.

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