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Even though nearly everyone who’s ever been involved with the franchise in the past is calling the whole idea a mistake, the inevitable Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake appears to be moving forward. Last month they hired a writer who wasn’t Joss Whedon, and now they may be working on casting the new Buffy Summers. In fact they may be considering casting Heather Morris.

Morris is probably best known for her role on Glee where she plays cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce. So she should have the cheerleader part of Buffy’s personality nailed down. What about the brutal, vampire slayer part? No idea, but if the new version of Buffy ever turns into a musical she seems like the right choice.

The news of Heather’s potential involvement comes from, well, Heather. She tells Access Hollywood, “They’re considering me!” She’s so excited she needs a diaper. “I found out and I almost peed my pants ‘cause I was so excited!” I hope she handles staking vampires, better than she handles good news.

Heather’s squeeing over the prospect of playing Buffy would seem to confirm previous rumors which had been circulating randomly about the internet, whispering her name in conjunction with the project. Here’s the catch though. A week or so ago Buffy remake screenwriter Whit Anderson pretty clearly told everyone “We’re not even thinking about casting yet…The script isn’t even written!” And when Whit saw the rumors of Heather’s involvement being retweeted said, “Careful what you retweet, loves. Inaccuracy can cause lots of unnecessary stress.”

So is Heather just repeating an already debunked internet rumor when she has no idea whether or not it’s true, or is Whit Anderson just out of the loop? I’m inclined to believe the former. The project really isn’t far enough along for them to even think about casting and, besides, Heather Morris would seem to have no actual qualifications other than that she’s played a cheerleader. Who hasn’t?

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