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There are at least half a dozen good reasons to love the first trailer for Red. Bruce Willis is at his best when he’s cranky and tired, which he is here. Mary Louise Parker is finally out of Weeds and onto the big screen, where she instantly rates as the hottest cougar on the planet. Morgan Freeman appears to be heavily medicated or slightly drunk, which is an insane amount of fun. John Malkovich appears in a variety of ridiculous outfits. But most of all there’s Helen Mirren, that’s right Helen Mirren, shooting a bunch of shit up with a wide assortment of ridiculously large guns. All they’re really missing is a cameo by a machete-wielding Betty White. Yeah, Red is going to be good.

The movie’s about a group of retired CIA hitmen who don’t quite know what to do with themselves when they no longer have someone to kill. They take the odd contract when no ones looking, until things go awry and they’re forced to face off against the CIA’s active, younger, presumably more virile agents. It’s crazy fun.

Watch the first trailer for Red below or in HD on Yahoo.

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