A comedy about a guy trying to choose between money and love doesn't exactly sound like Oscar material these days, but in 1981 it was enough to earn John Gielgud a Supporting Actor statue, for playing the supportive butler to Dudley Moore's playboy character in Arthur. Now that the film is getting a modern reboot with Russell Brand in the lead, it's going to have some Oscar heft on its side too, in the form of Dame Helen Mirren.

Before I saw The Crazies I never in a million years would have expected to wind up rooting for Eisner's career, but now I can't wait to see what he does next. THR reports that Mirren is in negotiations to take on the equivalent of Gielgud's role, but obviously female and this time referred to as a nanny. You can take that cut and dry casting announcement, or you can take a look at the amazing photo Twipicced today by Brand on his Twitter feed. It is the image you see above, and it came with the following caption: "My new nanny,Dame Helen Mirren in her first attempt to keep my hand from her thigh. I will not give up." You will remember that quote forever, I guarantee you.

Mirren seems to be one of those actors who's known for serious roles but is hilarious in real life, and I love the idea of her and Brand going head-to-head with comedic chops. Clearly she's the better actor, but which one will be the first to make us guffaw?

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