Lock and Load

So there's one of two ways Hellboy III could find its funding, and both are going to need the help of us – the fans. The first, and more traditional way that Guillermo del Toro could get this dream project made is through some rangling involving Pacific Rim 2. Since the project is in early days yet, there's bound to be a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed in the near future. Which is the perfect time to sneak in a performance clause that would automatically trigger the production of Hellboy III if Pacific Rim 2 reaches a certain level of profit. This helps Universal and Legendary to motivate the fan base to see Pacific Rim 2, so that way they can come back two years later to see the next Hellboy flick.

However, if Universal and Legendary won't play ball with funding the production, then Guillermo del Toro can make a deal similar to the deal Kevin Smith could make himself in order to ensure Clerks III: have the studio pay for distribution of Hellboy III and turn to crowdsourced funding in order to get the funds needed to produce the film. Several fans mentioned this as their first suggestion in the AMA, so it only makes sense that Hellboy III be given a chance to make its money the new fashioned way.

Bottom line: if we fans want to see Hellboy III, it looks like we're going to start saving those pennies for Uncle Guillermo.

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