Who Will Direct It?
You know which two names I don’t hear tied to The LEGO Movie yet? Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the original directors who, I believe, go a LONG way to making sure that the initial movie works as well as it does.

The duo currently is putting the finishing touches on their sequel 22 Jump Street (due in theaters on June 13). But they don’t have an announced project on the slate after that. The fact that the creative duo was willing to return to Jump Street encourages me that they are open and willing to doing sequels. (If you recall, they passed on the opportunity to do a sequel to their own Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.) If Warner Bros. wants to make sure that its LEGO sequel stays on a successful track, they will make a solid offer to Lord and Miller to continue the work they started in this first movie.

Now, animated sequels don’t always HAVE to maintain their original storytellers. Lee Unkrich took over for John Lasseter on Toy Story 3 (though Unkrich is a long-time Pixar guy who contributed to almost every major Pixar film prior to helming the third and final Toy Story). But I really hope Lord and Miller stay on board as directors. In a video interview with Collider, the duo say, "It looks like, if the sequel happens, that we’ll be producing it. And if you have any ideas for what the sequel should have, that would be really useful."

It’s not too late, Warner Bros. Lock these guys up. They are the beating heart of this movie, and the sequel kind of needs them. They have time to develop ideas! Which brings us to the next point.

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