Hayden Panettiere seems to be doing a good job of turning the whole annoying “save the cheerleader” thing into a movie career. Her timing couldn’t possibly better, as fans were already jumping off the Heroes bandwagon in droves before the strike, and by the time it comes back I have a feeling most people will have forgotten the show even exists. Hayden, at least for the moment, no longer needs them.

She’s already got one movie on her plate, the Fox Atomic flick I Love You Beth Cooper. Now HR says she’s also lined up a starring role in the upcoming film Daydream Nation. It’s a teen comedy in which Hayden plays a sharp-tongued, acerbic teen with a boyfriend played by the always somewhat dopey Kieren Culkin. Sound familiar? If she’s pregnant then it’s basically Juno.

The movie’s producers aren’t even trying to hide the fact that it’s an attempt to cash in on the Juno craze, they’re flat out calling it “an intellectual comedy a la Juno and Election. You’re cute and all Hayden, but you’re no Ellen Page. Besides, Juno is already so 2007.

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