For a while there it was pretty good to be one of the High School Musical kids. All of them fresh-faced and in their teens, all of them ridiculously famous and absurdly wealthy, all of them talented enough to move on to big things. But aside from the central pair of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, fame and fortune hasn't exactly followed the gang-- and unless you count her supporting role in Sucker Punch as a huge career boost, I don't know that Hudgens really counts either. Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu have all been working here and there, but it's not easy to get jobs as an adult when the whole world knew you as a singing and dancing teenager.

So Bleu, for his part, is going to change up his persona entirely. According to Variety he's taken a role in Nurse 3D, the Lionsgate horror project that was promoted recently with a completely crazy concept poster featuring star Paz de la Huerta, completely naked, soaked in blood, and wearing a nurse's hat. It's a way to get attention, that's for sure, as is bringing on a former High School Musical kid to star. De la Huerta stars as a nurse who "uses her sexuality to indulge a sinister side that finds her punishing dishonest men," while Bleu will play a paramedic who gets caught up in one of her schemes. Katrina Bowden, of "hot girl from 30 Rock fame," will play Bleu's girlfriend.

The teaser poster-- it's NSFW if you choose to click over there-- did its job of getting me interested in this project because of how nuts it seems, but I'm not certain the actual movie will be much more than the usual horror schlock. That's OK though-- Bleu's gotta branch out somehow, and starring in the Hollywood Bowl's upcoming production of Hairspray isn't exactly changing the formula. Getting murdered by a naked Paz de la Huerta, though? Not Disney Channel approved.

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