Somewhere at home Hilary Swank has not one, but two Oscars. She won her last one for Million Dollar Baby in 2004, and, hasn’t made anything worth watching since. She followed it up with a string of misfires and flops which odds are you don’t even remember exist, let alone actually saw. Hilary Swank is still a big name but, after Amelia it seems like no one’s really interested in hiring her to carry a movie. So now she’s doing direct-to-dvd thrillers.

Her next movie is The Resident and while it will get a theatrical release in the UK, here in the United States it’s going straight to DVD. The cast is actually pretty good: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee co-star. The Resident has Swank as a young doctor living in a Brooklyn loft, where, she’s stalked by either an obsessive landlord or otherworldly forces. It’s impossible to tell exactly which it is from the movie’s first trailer, in which Swank does a lot of the girl in a thriller clichés. Check out the trailer embedded below:

How does Hilary Swank end up in a movie like this? Freedom Writers wasn’t that bad was it? Maybe we should have all made more of an effort to see Conviction.

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