Matthew McConaughey managed to completely revamp his image recently by playing exactly the character we've wished he'd go back to all these years-- the suave, fast-talking Southern guy who isn't trapped in a stupid romantic comedy. In The Lincoln Lawyer he proved for the first time in years that he really is a Movie Star, and over the course of a two-hour, fairly formulaic film made me excited about him as an actor for the first time in years. Next he'll be teaming up with another actor who's in bad need of the same magic trick: Hilary Swank. Can the Lincoln Lawyer effect happen again?

As Content Film sells the upcoming McConaughey project The Dallas Buyeres Club at Cannes, they've announced (via Deadline that Swank will also join the film, which The Young Victoria's Jean-Marc Vallee will direct. It's unclear how Swank will fit into a story that's clearly a star vehicle for McConaughey, playing a Dallas electrician who contracted AIDS in 1986, but lived for another six years helping illegally smuggle medicine across the border that helped other AIDS patients. The project had been in development for years and years before McConaughey swooped in and revived it earlier this year, and it sounds like a crowdpleaser of a drama; Swank, whose last film The Resident went straight to DVD here in the United States, will probably be glad to be on board a likely winner this time.

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