I had a revelation the other day about Hilary Swank. Yes, she is a two-time Oscar winner, and yes, she has done some amazing performances in some amazing movies. But when she’s not making movies that are tailor-made to get her an Oscar, she makes movies that are terrible.Like, more terrible than can be excused. Compare this to Kate Winslet, who has never won an Oscar, and who steadfastly refuses to be the next starlet to get wrapped up in some supernatural mystery involving creepy kids or oozing black goo (I’m looking at you, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Connelly).

It looks like Swank won’t be doing anything to end this streak anytime soon. Not only is she about to star in what might be the worst release of December, P.S. I Love You, but she’s signed on to topline Fangland. Do I really need to explain this more? She’ll be playing a TV producer who travels to Romania to interview an arms dealer who turns out to be, uh, Dracula. It’s based on John Marks’ novel of the same name, and the screenplay is adapted by Mark Wheaton, who wrote this year’s forgettable horror thriller The Messengers.

Yeah, I don’t really have any explanation for this one. Hilary Swank’s career choices make absolutely no sense to me, especially since she has two Oscars and could seriously do whatever she wants at this point. She’s allegedly going to play Amelia Earhart in an upcoming project, which sounds amazing, so I have no idea why she’ll clutter her schedule with something like this. Of course, I’m prepared to eat my words if Clint Eastwood signs on to direct this and it becomes his masterpiece, but for now I remain doubtful.

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