4. Harold and Maude Criterion Release Blu-ray
Criterion releases are, almost by definition, a great “under the radar gift set with tons of bells and whistles. While there are the weirdos plenty of weirdos constantly looking for new Criterion releases, most of us just happen upon them on shelves from time to time, and may miss a gem or two that would be right up our alley. This year, Criterion put out a slew of great releases, including the 1954 Godzilla and the extra-filled Brazil. The best gift, however, might be Criterion’s Harold and Maude release, which tells a surprisingly touching story, comes with a sweet booklet, and drawn cover art. Most importantly, however, the flick is fully restored for Blu-ray. It's a sweet deal.

Pair it With: Another Criterion release. I gave some great 2012 suggestions, above, and if all else fails, The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion is the probably one of the best purchases I ever made. Remember, if you are buying Criterion, you’re probably buying for a film snob, and purchase accordingly.

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