Pee-wee's Big Adventure
He's a loner, a rebel, but we love him all the same. If you've got someone on your gift list who still does the Pee-wee dance or still joyfully bellows, "I know you are, but what am I?" then they are sure to thrill over these gifts. If they've already got Pee-wee's Big Adventure on Blu-ray (just $10.49 on Amazon), then they'd definitely drool over Threadless's Pee-wee-inspired tops. Called "In the Basement of the Alamo," the collection ranges from tees (long and short sleeve), to sweatshirts and a cardigan, ranging from $29.50-69.50. Or get them this great graphic poster from Team Welser for $16.

If you know someone still crushing on the ghost with the most, pair the movie's Blu-ray (only $6.99 on Amazon) with a stylish Sandworms tee (on sale for $11.99) or iPhone case ($37.50), or their very own copy of the Handbook For The Recently Deceased! Okay, so it's blank inside, but this fan-made handmade replica of the Beetle Juice book can be a super cool sketchbook or a terrific conversation starter for just $29.95.

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