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Rumors have been rolling at incredible speeds all day today in internet land, and far and away the steamiest ones have involved Katie Holmes. No, there’s not a sex video, but the doting mother’s name is being tossed around as a possible super hero. If these initial reports are correct, than Holmes is currently in negotiations to personify Wonder Woman. You remember Wonder Woman. She was that really lame crime fighter who was vaguely hot in a manly, powerful sort of way.

According to Star Pulse, Mrs. Cruise flew back to Hollywood on August 6th to enter into secret negotiations without her husband. This is the point where I’d probably make some catty, trouble-in-paradise comment, but who in there right mind would ever dump Frank TJ Mackey and his piles of money? That would just be foolhardy.

Remember this is nothing more than just a Hollywood rumor. Contracts are yet to be signed, and even if it goes through, the film would still be more than a year away. I’m going to go on record right now and say this movie will be God-awful if someone is stupid enough to do it. Katie Holmes at best is an average actress, and most chick super heroes are beyond lame. Everyone likes hating on Catwoman, but My Super Ex-Girlfriend was painful too. All parties involved need to do themselves a favor and abort immediately.

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