Anthony Hopkins will reprise his role as Hannibal Lecter in a new movie to be directed by Ridley Scott (who apparently is a knight, who would’ve thought?), according to This will be the second Hannibal collaboration for the two, having already demystified the fear behind Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal.

Where they’ll get their material from, I’m not entirely sure, as Hollywood has tapped dry the well of Thomas Harris novels, even going so far as to release a movie based on “Hannibal Rising” only two months after its release. So unless Harris has another book in the works (which he probably doesn’t, as he usually takes at least six years to write something), it looks as though Scott will be outsourcing the new story.

Not many details have been released thus far, but given Scott’s recent track record, I can’t say I’m excited. And as for Anthony Hopkins, the best Hannibal movie he’s made since Silence of the Lambs was Fracture, and it didn’t even have Hannibal Lecter in it. But I’m open to anything that improves on Hannibal Rising, but I guess that would include a movie where Buffalo Bill returns from the grave and says, “put the lotion in the bucket…again.”

UPDATE! Our friends over at Moviehole have done some digging and discovered that this is actually an old, out of date New York Post story which Contact Music recycled when it popped up on GNews accidentally. It's not a fake story, but the information is out of date (this was originally broken before the movie Hannibal) and it's not happening.

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