Do you find that it’s tricky to start out young, because of the way, like young actors never get nominated for Best Actor Oscars--
Nor fucking should they…forgive me.

Well no, that’s true too.
In England we have the BAFTAs and you have the best newcomer award. Who was that is 9 years old this year being nominated?

Quvenzhane Wallis.
Hey, that’s nuts, I’m sorry. It’s unhealthy for her. It’s bad for her. Let her have her fucking childhood.

But in answer to your question, yes, I think it’s dangerous being a young person in Hollywood these days. I think Twilight has changed things. I was got asked by the Hollywood foreign press--

The Golden Globes guys?
The Golden Globes guys who are, you know, they don’t pull their punches. They ask you the first question off the bat and they said, “Ok, you’ve done well, you’ve done a couple of films, a couple of TV things, but it’s been a gradual rise for you, why do you think that is?” And the way he phrased that, it was sort of, it felt like a snipe.

Like, “Why haven’t you exploded already?”
Why haven’t you exploded already? And I was quite hungover that day and didn’t really want to be there and so I was sort of irritated by the question. But then I though about it and I thought what he’s actually asking me is why I haven’t exploded in terms of fame and pay and notoriety like the Twilight model, like the Hunger Games model and that’s what people seem to want...phenomenons. If you shoot up in terms of pay and fame, it’s quite hard to maintain that and perhaps disproportionate to ability. And I put myself in that camp entirely. I’m still learning how to do this and if you can’t sustain that, which is a hard thing to do, you can be thrown under the bus. And God knows there are a hundred other young actors to take your place like that.

When you look at the great actors. I like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep, things like that and you go back through their CV, you see them popping up in little things here and there, not leading roles, supporting roles, but working the script with good directors and they’re learning their craft.That model isn’t quite as respected as it once was. And I saw an interview with Al Pacino the other day, and they, some sort of silly question came up along the lines of, “Were you always great?” and he said, “No, I was terrible for the first ten years.” We all learn and I think giving an actor an opportunity to learn or fail in private is a luxury. I was watching TV the other day and Twister was on. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in Twister. He’s got this tiny little role.
I read about an actor this morning - I’m not going to say his name - who got offered an amazing part but turned it down because it wasn’t the lead.

Oh, I know. I read that too. I know exactly what you’re talking about.
It’s like, “Are you fucking nuts??” If it’s a great part, play it. It should excited you. It shouldn’t be about being the lead. It should excite you creatively.

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