John Candy In Wagon's East
What Happened: Legendary comedian John Candy spent the early portion of 1994 in Mexico filming the ill-fated Wagon's East with Richard Lewis. The basic story followed a group of settlers in the Wild West who decided to head back East. They hire Candy's character to take them there and attempts at comedy ensue. While on set, Candy died on March 4 of a heart attack while in his trailer.

What Happened After: There is great debate as to how much of Candy's actual work on the film was finished. He was definitely most of the way done, but it's unclear whether he had a few scenes left to film or just some random crowd shots. Either way, a stand-in was hired to help finish the movie. Both critics and the general public hated the final result, and pretty much everyone has chosen to forget the comedian's final effort exists. Instead, his fans choose to remember either Canadian Bacon or Cool Runnings as the perfect representation of Candy's final years.

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