I do have to ask about Sharni [Vinson], because she’s amazing in this film and I just love the character. One of the things that I really liked is that when you first meet Erin she doesn’t necessarily look like this physically intimidating person. But once things actually get started, you completely believe it. I’m just curious, what was the process of finding Sharni to play that part and making sure that translated?

Finding her was very difficult, because, you know, during the audition process, a lot of girls would show up with cut-off shorts and like, their shirt tied up, showing their midsection and everything and they’re kind of posing and acting tough and it was like, “This is exactly the opposite of what I want,” and Sharni comes in there and she just personifies toughness. She just is tough. She was a dancer so she knows how to do physical things and just her being Australian in itself. I mean, that wasn’t something scripted. She shows up and she just is that and I think subconsciously, we all think people from Australia are more badass anyways.

Well, like 90% of the worst things in the world live over there.

Exactly. The bugs are bigger, more poisonous.

Sharks and everything.

Exactly and the weather and everything else. So, all those things kind of worked together and..., but yeah, in the movie itself, I was really influenced by the way they handled Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien. She doesn’t feel like the main character in the beginning of the film and that’s what we wanted out of this. We wanted her to earn her role as the main character and Sharni earns it, because if she wasn’t able to hold that movie together, the whole thing rested on her shoulders.

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