I don’t mean to keep pressing on the “writer” button…

I love talking about it!

Having written for TV have you thought about writing a script for a feature?

Oh yeah! Of course, yeah. I have a couple of ideas going. I wrote one with a couple friends that was garbage – but that’s basically where I learned how to write a script. And now the only one I have – I’m just looking for the time to write – is a Children’s Hospital movie. Though it won’t be a movie with the same characters, it will just be the same cast, it will be the same ensemble. And it will just be a different story and a different…same group of actors and creative team.

I know you directed a couple episodes of Children’s Hospital too, so would that be an avenue you’d think about going down?

No. I have no interest. I directed the first 10 episodes of Children’s Hospital, the first season, and did not enjoy the experience.


You know, I’ve been trying to pinpoint why. I think it’s because as a producer … well first of all, I think a lot of actors do it for the power or whatever, or they do it because it’s what you’re supposed to want to do. But the best director’s I’ve encountered are the ones that have a real, innate understanding of not just like cameras and filming and the line and the math of it, but like something else that I can’t quite pinpoint that I don’t have. I like producing in that I can do overall stuff, all the different aspects…and then order the director around [laughs]. So the power does enter into it. It’s all about power!

To tie it back to Warm Bodies, I truly think that Jonathan Levine is one of the most underappreciated young directors working now, and I’m just curious what it was like working with him on this film.

I try not to sound trite about it when I describe my feelings about him as one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. And we’d talk about it a lot. He actually taught me a lot about how to work just by observing him and observing his confidence and his ability to be humble and to accept the process as a collaboration. And not to be threatened by a new idea that maybe didn’t match his. Because he’s so confident! And it immediately makes you, apart from being a great guy, he just immediately makes you comfortable.

What kind of stuff did you get to contribute as M?

[laughs] I improvised a little bit. I don’t even know if the line is in the movie – did you see the movie?

Yeah! I saw it last night.

I don’t say “Bitches, man,” do I?

Yeah you do! That got a big laugh too.

That was improvised. And I told him afterwards, “Don’t put that in the movie! Don’t put that in the movie!”

It got one of the biggest laughs!

Of course! It’s funny! But I remember that on the day I was like… it felt cheap afterwards. You’re just trying to get a laugh because maybe you didn’t know what you were doing in the moment or whatever. That’s my problem [laughs].

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