300: Rise of an Empire James Bond and Rainer Werner Fassbinder
James Bond And Rainer Werner Fassbinder On The Road To 300
Looking at Noam Murro’s record, you wouldn’t have necessarily thought that he would be the idea candidate to take on a film like 300: Rise of an Empire. With the exception of a short he directed for HBO in 2009, the filmmaker’s only other directing credit before the sword-and-sandals blockbuster was the 2008 dramedy Smart People starring Ellen Page, Dennis Quaid and Thomas Haden Church. But the real secret to Murro is his want to stretch his bounds as a filmmaker and try something new and different with each project. And behind that aspiration are two very different sources.

Discussing what inspired him to become a filmmaker and the kind of movies he grew up on, Murro told me about his time working as an usher in the Israeli cinematheque and not only being a self-described "big James Bond lover" but also being exposed to the works of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the German filmmaker best known for films like 1974’s Ali: Fear Eats The Soul and 1979’s The Marriage of Maria Braun.

With his career as a director, Murro hopes to create some akin to what Steven Soderbergh has done, getting the opportunity to show dramatic and aesthetic range with a variety of different projects. "You look at composers that wrote opera and symphony and chamber and pieces for the piano. It’s the same exact thing with film."

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