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Lasse Hallstrom is a vegan. Except when he cheats.
"Because sometimes I need to have Japanese food," he said with a laugh. But most of the times he tries to stay to a strict vegan diet, and he loves to eat at Nobu. "Any Nobu," he says. "Like the one in downtown New York, or out in Los Angeles. That is my favorite kind of food."

A CNN documentary about Bill Clinton’s diet prompted Hallstrom to go vegan. "I clicked through to a few articles to find the source material for the doc," he said. "I also found the book about veganism. I read it right away, and I have been a vegan ever since. I got much more energy (after switching). My heart palpitations went away after 2 weeks. So I can’t go back to normal eating anymore."

He goes to vegan restaurants for the food, not the atmosphere. "I can appreciate good atmosphere, but that’s not the reason why I go to a restaurant," Hallstrom admits. He name-drops a few vegan restaurants – Pure Food & Wine, Candle 79 on the Upper East Side – that he likes to frequent when in Manhattan. But each time, he says that it rarely has anything to do with the room in which the food is being served. (Sorry, restaurant managers.) It has everything to do with the food on the plate.

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