?Distributor:Radius/The Weinstein Company
The Lowdown: The second pornography biopic to premiere at the fest, it stars Amanda Seyfried as the titular, legendary porn star, who went on to write a memoir about how an abusive relationship with her husband (Peter Sarsgaard) led her into the industry. It's a pretty rote biopic, but the star were clearly enough to sell it.
How You Can See It: Radius generally focuses on VOD release, but the star power ought to ensure it a hefty theatrical presence too.

Prince Avalanche
?Distributor:Magnolia Pictures
The Lowdown: David Gordon Green's return to low-fi indie filmmaking after studio debacles like The Sitter and Your Highness, but he's brought stars Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch along with him. Based on an Icelandic film, it's a little less accessible that Green's studio movies, but very well-received by fans happy to see him back in top form, myself included.
How You Can See It: Magnolia, like many of the distributors active at Sundance, does well with VOD releases, so expect it there along with a potentially limited theatrical release.

The Spectacular Now
?Distributor:A24 Films
The Lowdown: Stars Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley received a special jury prize for their performances as two high schoolers who fall in love and confront both the usual and the impossible challenges of growing up. It was a festival favorite among many critics, myself included. I also had the chance to interview Teller and director James Ponsoldt.
How You Can See It: A24 may be a new distributor, but they won a bidding war for this much-loved film for a reason, and should garner a lot of attention when they release it this summer (we're hearing it will be late July).

?Distributor:Fox Searchlight
The Lowdown: The English-language debut of legendary Korean director Park Chan-wook, it's a lurid and gothic coming-of-age tale about a girl (Mia Wasikowska) both enamored by and suspicious of an uncle (Matthew Goode) who shows up after her father's mysterious death. Nicole Kidman also co-stars. It got hugely mixed response at the festival, but Matt Patches and I went nuts for it.
How You Can See It: Coming to theaters on March 1.

Toy's House
Distributor:CBS Films
The Lowdown: A coming-of-age story about three teenage boys trying to live on their own, with supporting performances from TV stars like Alison Brie and Nick Offerman. Nearly everyone who caught it at the festival adored it.
How You Can See It: At the moment CBS Films only has comedies Last Vegas and The To Do List, plus The Last Exorcism Part II, scheduled for 2013. They'll probably be happy to give a prime theatrical release to a potential critical darling like this one.

Upstream Color
The Lowdown: The hugely anticipated return of Primer mastermind Shane Carruth, it lived up to expectations by presenting a mind-boggling, beautiful and fascinating romance about what happens when you fall in love after being injected with a worm. Or something like that. I'm still figuring it out, but you can read my initial thoughts here.
How You Can See It: Carruth is self-distributing the film, with a release planned for this spring.

The Way, Way Back
Distributor:Fox Searchlight
The Lowdown: A coming-of-age story from the writers of The Descendants, making their directorial debut, with a huge cast that includes Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Amanda Peet and Rob Corddry. It received a huge standing ovation at its premiere.
How You Can See It: Sold for an eye-popping $10 million, it's clearly a favorite at Fox Searchlight, and should get a splashy summer release to prove it.

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