After Viggo Mortensen walked away from the negotiations table at the end of last month, it looked for some time that Universal's big-budget project Snow White and the Huntsman might be able to snag an even bigger star to replace him, thanks to reports that Hugh Jackman was interested in the role. But now that contingency plan has fallen through as well-- The Wrap reports that negotiations with Jackman have ended after starting last week.

That leaves the film without either of the two leads in place-- though Kristen Stewart has been in mind for the part of Snow White for months, her deal is not yet confirmed. The only actor truly in place is Charlize Theron, who has signed on to play the Evil Queen in the film that Rupert Sanders will direct. Remember not to confuse this with the other movie based on the same fairy tale, simply titled Snow White, which will star Lily Collins and Armie Hammer and be directed by The Fall's Tarsem Singh.

All signs point to Universal moving ahead with the planned August shoot and December 21, 2012 release date for Snow White and the Huntsman, but they're going to have to wrangle some other handsome dark-haired actors to jump on board quickly. Mortensen reportedly walked away due to salary concerns, and it's unclear why Jackman also bailed, though it's possible that means there's new life in The Wolverine, the superhero project Jackman presumably has to make as soon as they line up a director.

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