Heads up, everyone: the Hugh Jackman robot boxing movie is really happening, and it will be out in time for Thanksgiving in 2011. THR reports that Touchstone Pictures has set a release date of November 18, 2011 for the film, which will be the first collaboration between Touchstone and DreamWorks, the studio recently acquired by Disney.

What's more interesting about this, though, is what it might mean for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. No, seriously. That frame right before Thanksgiving was occupied by both Twilight and New Moon, and even though Eclipse is going for a summer release, the franchise could presumably return to November, especially if Breaking Dawn gets broken up into two sections. The film hasn't been greenlit yet, and while it could presumably start filming in February and be ready for a November 2010 release date, it seems more likely they'll hold it for summer 2011, and maybe bring in part two in the fall.

So it Real Steel positioning itself as male-centric counter-programming against Breaking Dawn? Or is this a sign that Breaking Dawn, whenever it comes out, won't go near the Thanksgiving 2011 spot? My guess is some executives at Summit Entertainment are frowning very deeply over some calendars at this very moment.

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