Pixar has been incredibly generous so far sharing clips from Up, so much so that if you're a rabid Pixar fan-- ahem, not that I am one or anything-- you might feel like you've seen the whole movie already. We won't know if that's true or not until May 29, but come on, you know they'll always pack some surprises in there. In the meantime we can keep enjoying the best of the clips they're released, including one that has just hit Hulu.

I've talked before about how I'm a huge fan of Hulu, and how it makes a great platform for trailers and clips because it's so damn easy to use. Now Pixar has made it all the easier for me to watch and re-watch the moment where Carl and Russell meet Dug, an unusual kind of talking dog who makes up for what he lacks in intelligence by being extremely enthusiastic. You know you already love Dug, so check out the clip below and get yourself excited for Up all over again.

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