There are obviously a lot of stories to be told in New Orleans related to Hurricane Katrina, and slowly the movies are starting to tackle the gargantuan subject. But given how much there is to say about levees and FEMA and "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie," why would you go with a standard murder mystery?

In Little Murder, Josh Lucas will star as a detective investigating a murder case in the wake of the hurricane, and trying to revive his career in the process. Lake Bell plays the ghost of the murdered cellist, who helps Lucas's character track down her killer. Terrence Howard is also part of the cast, but Variety doesn't specify what his role will be.

Peter "Gaga" Antonijevic, the Serbian director who last made the 2002 Christian Slater-Val Kilmer movie Run For the Money, will be directing this one. Basd on how well-remembered that movie is, my guess is there will be plenty of opportunities for other directors to tackle Hurricane Katrina as well.

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