I Am Number Four has plenty of things going for it, from a dreamy teen cast led by Alex Pettyfer and Glee's Dianna Agron to the producing muscle of Michael Bay behind the scenes. I'm not entirely sure why they're showing off so little of that, though, in the new teaser trailer that premiered today at Yahoo! (you can also watch it below). It does the typical sci-fi teaser thing of setting up the world with solemn voiceover and showing us flashes of awesome scenes of running, jumping, fighting, explosions, etc., but there's pretty much nothing to distinguish this from other mid-budget sci-fi like Push or Jumper, or even another Fringe knock-off TV show.

The movie is directed by D.J. Caruso, who knows his way around slick, shallow action after Disturbia and Eagle Eye, and I'm sure I Am Number Four will follow right in those footsteps. The film, as you might guess from the teaser, is about one of nine survivors of an alien apocalypse (Pettyfer) who lands on earth and tries to hide from the people who would want to kill him. There's plenty of potential here; it's just that right now, nothing in this trailer looks more compelling than any other "magic supernatural stuff with pretty people" stuff we've seen over the years. Then again, the Twilight movies continue making bank off the same basic concept, so maybe I'm alone here.

Check out the trailer below (or in high-def at Yahoo!) to decide for yourself.

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