We've been here before so many times now that I'm afraid to get too excited, but it looks like it's for real now-- the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor comedy I Love You Phillip Morris has (another) distributor and (another) release date, as Roadside Attractions plans to release the film on December 3 this year. That's nearly two years after the film debuted to warm reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, but given that for a long time it looked like the movie wouldn't get a theatrical release at all, they're probably willing to take what they can get.

Despite rumors that the film might be "too gay" for American audiences-- McGregor and Carrey play a pair of inmates who fall in love in prison-- the delays for I Love You Phillip Morris were mostly due to disputes between the rights holder, EuropaCorp, and the American distributor Consolidated Pictures Group. Consolidated lost the rights to the film earlier this year thanks to a lawsuit from EuropaCorp, and Roadside Attractions stepped up to the plate instead. They also just brokered a deal to distribute Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu's Biutiful, so expect to see a lot more of Roadside Attractions this fall.

If you want more on I Love You Phillip Morris you can read Josh's Sundance review. I'm still tempted to be skeptical that this release will ever actually happen after so many false starts, but with this brand-news distributor on board, it looks like Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor will finally fall in love on the big screen the way they were meant to.

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