With the cast assembled and shooting having begun on The Hobbit, there's not really many more rumors or casting announcements for us to bring you. So let us simply marvel today at the image you didn't know you needed until you had it: Ian McKellen, in full Gandalf garb, wearing a pair of 3D glasses, and looking right at the camera while he does it. You see with The Hobbit shooting in 3D you have to don the glasses just to look at the dailies, so at some point Bilbo and all the dwarves will probably put the shades on too; McKellen is just the only one awesome enough to have a Twitter account and post the photo for all of us to see, with the message "THE HOBBIT is being filmed in 3D. Even wizards have to wear the glasses."

Check out the image below and enjoy. In case you've never seen it I've also embedded McKellen's appearance opposite Ricky Gervais on Extras, because it's also terrific and why not appreciate Ian McKellen as much as we can right now.

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