We've known for a while now that Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Killer would revolve around a princess - set to be played by Eleanor Tomlinson who runs away from home only to be kidnapped by giants. We also know that Stanley Tucci will be playing a villain who tries to steal power away from the thrown. The key missing ingredient in both of these plot points? A king. And now we know who will play him.

THR reports that Ian McShane - who will appear as Blackbeard in this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - is set to play his royal majesty in Singer's take on the classic fairy tale. Named King Brahmwell, McShane's character is not too happy that his daughter has become involved with a farm boy. The rest of the cast includes Nicholas Hoult, who will play the titular Jack; Bill Nighy and John Kassir, who will play a two-headed giant; and Ewan McGregor, who will play the leader of the king's guard.

Singer sure is building one hell of a cast for this thing. McShane is such an incredible talent and it's great to see him start taking on some larger, high-profile projects. Maybe the key is finding him opponents named Jack.

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