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Of course no one yet knows what's going on with Christopher Nolan's Inception, even though shooting has been taking place on the streets of New York and Paris in plain sight of passers-by. They're just that good I guess. But I'm already disappointed in one thing. Based on the teaser trailer, it looked as if DiCaprio would be spending the bulk of the film in natty suits. But new photos from the Los Angeles set, taken by Splash News, say something else entirely. It's not quite Obama's mom jeans... but it's close.

Check out the two photos below, of DiCaprio on the set with co-star Ellen Page, to see for yourself. They're both wearing normal clothes and looking pretty casual on the set, which suggests that whichever scene in Inception they're shooting, it's not too off-the-wall. But couldn't they have at least found him some better casual wear? Honestly.