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Director Scott Waugh decided to make his adaptation of the long-running video game series Need For Speed a tribute to the classic car movies of the 1960s and 70s, and as a result, it’s truly thrilling to watch the vehicles move. Adding to the excitement is that the filmmaker had his stars do as much of their own driving and stunts as could be considered safe. For most of the movie it’s Aaron Paul, the central protagonist of the story, who sits behind the wheel, but his co-stars certainly get their moments too, and that definitely includes the film’s female lead, played by Imogen Poots.

In the film, the actress stars as Julia Maddon, a British car expert who meets Tobey Marshall (Paul) while helping to facilitate the purchase of a rare sports car for a wealthy buyer. While this meeting seems innocuous enough, Julia and Tobey are pulled back together by fate after Tobey is released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Driving with Jules, who gives him access to the supercar that she was helping buy early in the film, Tobey takes off on a cross-country drive to California where he both hopes to both compete in an exclusive street race run by a mystery man named the Monarch (Michael Keaton) and take revenge against Dino (Dominic Cooper), the rival who got him sent to jail in the first place.

Much like I did with Aaron Paul and director Scott Waugh and Stunt Coordinator Lance Gilbert, I had the chance to sit down with Imogen Poots at a recent press event in Los Angeles for Need For Speed to talk about her role in the movie. In addition to talking about getting her own chance behind the wheel, she also discussed what it was about the character that helped her get into the part, whether or not she likes to use her natural British accent in American films, and much more.

This is Poots’ second film to come out this year, with That Awkward Moment arriving in theaters in January, but she has actually been a part of some big projects since she was young:

Need For Speed is in theaters now.

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