Tired of just listening to your music? Well the RJDJ app for the iPhone may help you turn listening to music into a full blown trippy experience. The app takes sounds it hears from the environment around you and incorporates them in augmented form into what becomes a dreamy trip through the music.

Creator Michael Breidenbrueker, creator of last.fm, is looking to expand the scope of his app by turning the wildly popular Inception soundtrack into one of these “augmented sound projects.” Wired got the scoop from a source close to the project, but didn’t get any details about what the experience might entail. This also could be that every trip is different based on your own environment.

I really have no idea how something like this works but you better believe that I immediately downloaded the RJDJ app on my iPhone so that I can scope out the sort of weirdness these guys are accomplishing. Go check it out yourself and take a minute to understand it before the inevitably awesome Inception “scenes” hit their store.

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