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I’m sure the religious right will declare the failure of The Golden Compass at the box office this weekend as some sort of victory for Jeebus, but the truth is the movie failed because it wasn’t that good, and audiences are getting sick of these second-rate fantasy adaptations.

The Golden Compass is the Daredevil of the fantasy film genre, and Inkheart looks like its destined to be Elektra. It’s yet another fantasy movie from desperately flailing New Line Cinema, this one stars Brendan Fraser and an obligatory kid in the story of a family which can bring books to life by reading them aloud. Evil presence, yada yada, save the world, the end.

The movie’s trailer is online. Watch it here, and pray New Line can remain solvent long enough to get The Hobbit made. They never should have dissed Peter Jackson. They need the money he makes them.