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With a movie like Fright Night, a remake of the 1985 comedy horror landmark, it's hard to really argue that there are spoilers, since a full plot synopsis for the original is easily available on Wikipedia. But if director Craig Gillespie and his cast, which includes Colin Farrell as the predatory vampire next door, have added anything new to the classic story, you want to be surprised by what comes up, right? If that's the case I might urge you not to watch this new international trailer, which debuted at Empire and is also embedded below. Of course no trailer can completely spoil a movie-- and when it's the saga of an average high school kid going up against his vicious vampire neighbor, you can probably guess how things turn out-- but there are a lot of jokes and moments in this that I think might have been best left unrevealed. Take a look at what I mean, if you dare, below.

While giving away a lot of the movie's best punchlines and surprises, this trailer does at least give you a good sense of the mix of comedy and horror to be found here-- yes, this is a movie in which we see Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse squabble with each other about the Twilight books, and also one in which Colin Farrell throws a running motorcycle through the back window of a minivan. The movie's tone is one of its trickiest aspects, and though I've seen it I think I'm not allowed to say much more beyond the fact that you will laugh and you will probably also get scared. If you don't believe me on the laughs part, know that Dr. Who himself David Tennant stars as a Criss Angel-style Vegas musician who wears way too much eyeliner and a dumb black wig. If you don't believe me on the scares, I mean, did you see that motorcycle?

Fright Night doesn't open until September 2 in the UK, but lucky for us here in the States it's coming to theaters for us on August 19.