Have you noticed that the international marketing materials for Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes insist on showing San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge? It’s as if global press reps want to make sure the world knows this eventual ape epidemic started in the United States, so they know where to point the finger of blame once we’re all slaves to a higher intelligence.

The latest international poster, linked from ShockYa.com, isn’t drastically different from the last one, with head ape Caesar (played through motion-capture brilliance by Andy Serkis) rallying his silver-backed brethren for a hostile takeover of our planet … starting with San Francisco. You can’t miss Northern California’s most recognizable landmark in the back of both posters. Sausalito, on the far side of the bridge, also looks like it’s toast. You can see it here:

Otherwise this poster isn't showing off much that news-- the still photos included at the bottom here have been pulled from trailers that already exist online. But you also get the impression that this close to the film’s Aug. 5 release date, there isn’t much else 20th Century Fox needs to show us to get us excited for Apes. You know it’s a prequel to the existing science-fiction films. You know James Franco and Freida Pinto are on board as scientists who think they are progressing in the field of genetic engineering when, in fact, they are triggering humanity’s demise. And you know that the special effects used to create the apes are breathtakingly realistic, thanks to clips the studio has shown.

Oh, and have we mentioned yet that San Francisco gets leveled in this new film?

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