Remember the Russian-dubbed X-Men: First Class trailer that hit almost a month ago and showed off a bunch of footage we hadn't seen before? Now the English-language version of the international trailer has shown up online-- yes, it has subtitles in what I think is Korean, but the dialogue isn't dubbed over so you can actually understand what's going on.

Check it out the new international X-Men: First Class trailer below.

Once again we get in-depth looks at Xavier and Magneto in their earlier years, their conversations with each other and their discoveries of their power. And we get glimpses at all the side characters too, include Mystique transforming into her blue-skinned self, Beast struggling with his emerging monster foot, and Emma Frost shimmering in her diamond form.

We're probably due for another domestic trailer very soon-- the first and only one hit two months ago-- so maybe some of these scenes will show up in the next go-round with even more new footage to check out. X-Men: First Class opens in the United States on June 3; for everything else you could possibly want to know about the film, visit the page in our Blend Film Database.

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